How to wear your trousers rn

This season your weekend trousers are about to get a whole lot looser, shorter, wider and more comfortable than ever – just ask every designer.


A sartorial revolution is happening and men are being liberated from the shackles of the extreme skinny jeans and slim leg that chaffs when it gets too hot. You might not have noticed it just yet or seen in trickle into Zara just yet but the we can happily say RIP to skin tight. The suction is no longer worth the blood clot or the circulation troubles. Now even your grandpas once hideous pleated pant is now on a revival. Everyone seems to be adopting this trend with the utmost open arms from the likes of Childs to super high end luxury ones like Prada and Kim Jones at Louis Vuitton even to the likes of fashion forward gents like A$AP Rocky and Tyler the Creator.


With almost a decade and a half of telling all of us impressionable males that the slimmer the better, to now do a complete 180 is very confusing and quite expensive. After all those pain staked hours working hard for those skinny Calvin’s we have to go back and purchase the same old style in a looser fit. Truly unfair. But producer/director/rapper etc. etc. A$AP Rocky was seen in Paris with now official Kendall Jenner in those hideous, no more, pleated Gucci trousers giving us a great lesson in a way to wear them, if you’re feeling ‘extra’ that day.

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Rocky who has never been shy with his choices of fashion shows us that you can do bold if you mute with down with your accessories. Provided your trousers might be on the average side of loose go for a top with a proportion that is similar and coat that just hits the knees to add a more polished look. If you really want to go all out and impress your girlfriend like he is clearly here bring it up with loafers for date night with that special someone.


More casually shown by Mr Creator, seen in Los Angeles recently, proves that you don’t have to go MC Hammer drop crotch if you want to go for a much looser fit.

Image Courtesy of Zimbio

Right here he showed up exactly how they should look. Straight fit from the hip all the way down to the cuff, cropped just so slightly enough just above that ankle that if you were Georgian there would be uproar but not so much that you mistook them for your girlfriends capri pants and a nice neutral colour almost any guy can pull off. Yes you. The trend has a mixture to skate culture where access to ankles is very needed and to workwear (for examples go to the Dickies website) but have been stolen and very well executed by a lot of brands on the market.

Tyler gave us the perfect out which is not only simple but also really cool; with some low top sneakers, a white t-shirt and a bomber jacket (varsity and leather work too) this lets the fit of your outfit talk for itself. No excessive bells and whistles. Incorporated here is the golden rule of loose fitting trousers. If you are going to go for something that is loose on the bottom then it makes sense to have something that is a little bit more snug on top, for contrast and it’s much more flattering that way. The rule of thumb goes both ways, skinny pant, better with loose oversized top and jacket, easy enough to remember.

Thanks to A$AP and Tyler show that the very best part of this style is anything but homeless slob.


*Here’s some brand inspo to get you feeling all Loose, slideshow below*:

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(Images courtesy of Vogue Runway)

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