most memorable met moments

The Met Gala red carpet is one of the most sought after events to go to, be at or even watch and every year we anticipate some of the down right mental, amazing and just plain fucking dumb outfits that some of the celebrities come out with that either match the theme or not (usually not). So we thought we would put together some of the most memorable menswear moments at the Met Ball’s of the past. So please lean in and enjoy some berating of celebrities, public figures and their stylists.


Alexander Wang, 2008 – “Superheroes – Fashion and Fantasy”:

I guess if your one of New York cities coolest designers then I guess the only thing you can do is stir up red carpet trouble by not showing up in the theme at all. Wang here going for half casj, half black tie, must say if I were that cool I’d definitely go to the Met Ball like this (model optional).


Marc Jacobs, 2012 – “Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations”:

I mean the only thing you can do to honour two designers that never followed the rules and always marched to the beat of their own drum would be to wear a lace shirt dress by Comme des Garçons. Jacobs threw on this button up dress, some boxer shorts; thank you for hiding your modesty, and Abraham Lincoln era pilgrim who works in a mortuary. Self confidence was Marc Jacobs’ that day.


Kanye West, 2016 – “Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology”:

Probably the first and last time I’d like to have a look at Yeezy’s upper thigh but as for that Balmain jacket, it definitely took months of craftsmanship, millions and millions of studs and might actually be the most expensive jacket to ever walk the steps of The Met.


Roberto Bolle, 2014 – “Charles James: Beyond Fashion”:

The greatest part of getting dressed has to be those few final moments when your feeling yourself and you’re just adding a few finishing touches to the outfit you probably spent a while thinking about. That last finishing touch in Bolle’s case would be those ridiculous Dolce & Gabbana bejewelled murdered gloves.


Elton John, 1995 – “Haute Couture”:

Oh. My. God. Sequin. Trousers. Only. One. Word. FA-BU-LOUS!


André Leon Talley, 2011 – “Alexander Mcqueen – Savage Beauty”:

Sometimes wearing a suit just isn’t enough. Who needs to fit in when you can look a beach wave that’s dragged up a bizarrely overdressed man. That being said Monsieur Talley never fails to work the Met Gala red carpet and owns that shit like it’s his J. O. B.


Zayn Malik, 2016 – “Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology”:

No other mens look at the Met Ball has caused such a online stir as when Zayn Malik stepped on to those famous steps in his Versace armour/robot arms. Whether you have a Marmite opinion (hate it or love it) you have to admit it wouldn’t have been easy lugging those arms around all night. Also obviously for taking a risk too.


Alan Cumming, 2001 – “Jacqueline Kennedy – The White House Years”:

Scottish Punk takes a turn for the worst. Is it mean to say that the more I look at it the more uncomfortable it is making me?


Zachary Quinto, 2013 – “Punk: Chaos To Couture”:

This year didn’t seem very easy for it’s patrons with their very clean cut and pretty looks so being a pseudo punk in no sleeves and a blue faux-hawk is probably the most perfect way to be yourself and also not piss of Anna Wintour who came up with the theme.


John Galliano, 1997 – “Gianni Versace”

You could probably learn a thing or two about fearlessness from the OG of mens peacocking Mr Galliano AKA The Mad Hatter.


Psy, 2013 – “Punk: Chaos To Couture”:

This is when the world stopped making sense. This proves that having one worldwide hit can get you anywhere, oh and the outfit looks like a uniform at The Electric Cinema.


Marilyn Manson, 2005 – “The House Of Chanel”:

Never have I ever been more petrified by a picture in my entire life. This brooding and scary dark military vibe is giving me nothing but nightmares. Especially those serial killer Frankenstein boots. Just so you know this outfit was designed Marc Jacobs. WHY? Also did you know that this is Manson’s second trip to the Met Ball?! SECOND?!?!



(Images Courtesy of Zimbio)

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