5 spring “essentials” you didn’t think of

Just saying that a springtime wardrobe doesn’t have to be so literal. An essential by definition is something that is reliable and in reference to fashion is something that can be worn more than once and with everything you own but who said that it has to be basic and or boring? It’s no one but your own interpretation of what an essential is. Magazines and blogs are always shoving the same few things down your throat every time it gets a tinge warmer – white shirt, striped t-shirt, trench coat, brogues and many more of the same things. I’m sure you already have the stuff on said list but because they’re not exactly “new” essentials are they? No because they are quite frankly very dull and I am very bored of reading the same old shit. So as a public service I have decided to give you a short list of things that’ll mingle with all the “essentials” that you already have and make them feel shiny and new once more.


The Canadian Tuxedo:

Ok now here us out on this one. I know you’re thinking that The Canadian Tuxedo should have been left in the era of Justin and Britney but they’re really making a comeback. Not only does this make for a great separate but it also gives you the option to wear both especially if it’s a particularly a chilly evening. This will give you the option to do both, something a bit more dressed up that you can wear with your already owned white shirt and suede brogues but day time, throw on some Chuck’s and a stripe t-shirt and mate you’re good to go.

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Mustard/Brown Suede Jacket

This might be a slightly weird one but hear us out. A suede jacket adds an instant Steve McQueen, James Dean-esque vibe without being to hot in a black leather jacket. Suede breathes a bit better because it’s quite raw so no excess sweating and if you’re wearing something quite boring, it not only will make you feel like a boss but you’ll look rich. Honestly, nothing says wealth like a nicely fitted suede jacket. If you’re the daring type go for mustard because you’ll stand out from the crowd but if you’re looking for something a tad more subtle light brown looks great on everyone.

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Backless Loafer

Due to the fact everyone tells me I have to be more practical I’m about to tell you something that might not be the greatest thing for practicality but these are great if you’re just popping of to the local pub near your house. The backless loafer. They’re great not only because they’re super easy to pair clothes with and put on but they are the answer to not having to buy ugly sandals or wear flip flops (flip flops are for the beach and communal bathrooms). Another positive I’ve discovered myself is that if you are at the pub on a weekday and you have friends who want to go out after you can’t because you can’t walk a great deal and imagine if they slipped off in a club loo. VILE. You see I just saved you from a debilitating weekday hangover. You don’t have to thank me but you are most very welcome.

If you’re wondering I’d wear with a pair of black straight trousers and maybe a black jumper or a hoodie. The hoodie is probably the trendier choice.

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White Sunglasses

People say that your eyes are a window to your soul. Sometimes I like the windows to my soul to be shut. In come a pair of cool white sunglasses and at the moment they’re having a real moment thanks to all the Kurt Cobain styles out on the market. They’re great because they’ll protect you from the sun or hide those bags under your eyes if you chose to go to the club in those backless loafers. Also the white will make you look less dead in the face and more tanned, which is the whole point of summer/spring. It’s to make everyone jealous of your tan.

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Lapel Pin

Some guys are afraid of accessories because they think it’ll make them look less manly to say politely but there actually is nothing ladies love more than a guy who knows how to put together an outfit with compliments to match. That’s where the brooch comes in. There are so many simple ones that will just elevate your lapel. Not only are they great for that suede jacket but because spring is wedding season and you’re guaranteed to have to go to at least one if you pop one on your suit people won’t even realise it’s the same suit you wear to work everyday. BAM! Life hack.

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