Grooming guide for the fresh new grad

Simply put the whole shaggy haired, Lynx smelling, ripped jean look is now young. Get off your ass and make the grooming decisions you know will get you respect because no one ever respected anyone that looked like a dirty hillbilly did they.

Haircut – Every 8 Weeks

It really doesn’t matter what length your hair is or what length your aiming for – all you need to know is that it needs to be styled and have some sort of texture to it. Hair grows half an inch or every month so if you want to keep the shape and style the same make sure you book an appointment with your barber every 2 months.

Getting trims in an organised way will help your hair grow into your desired style. You don’t have to dread going to the barber and be scared they’re going to ruin the natural growing out that’s going so well. Where needs be just ask your barber to where necessary so the style you like is manipulated as it grows, as this avoids any awkward hair growth patches. It also helps if you stick to the same barber they know you and your style.

Experiment – With Your Hair That Is

Every man will have a different outcome when their hair is styled, even if its the same product and the same hair type. Every single guy has very different hair density, growing direction, texture and the way oil is produced. My best tip here is that you know what works for your hair and what doesn’t so don’t be afraid to test out different products and do your research.

Perfect Your Skincare Routine

Sadly the general consensus is that getting acne isn’t something that just stops when you reach adulthood. Apparently being adult is stressful. Here is when you need an easy step by step routine with not to many products because otherwise you’ll get bored and then your skin will go to crap and no one wants that. The simplest of them all which is still a classic is the three step routine: cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise, I’ll elaborate.

You need to wash your face twice a day because who knows what kind of gunk gets trapped in those pores and starts the clog. Two times a week its a good idea to use a non-abrasive face scrub to scrape away all that dead skin with buries the healthy ones which then plug your pores. Finally is to moisturise. After you clean your skin always moisturise to make your skin isn’t dry and flakey, use a thicker one in the winter and a lighter one in the summer. Using ones that are too thick in the summer can clog your pores giving you pimples and wearing lighter ones in the winter won’t do much for your skin, it’ll dry out as soon as you hit the streets. C’est fini.


Using suncream is really important because the sun’s dangerous rays is your biggest enemy in the race of ageing. So since your young start it now you won’t believe the results you’ll see when you are, well, old. Best way to get SPF protection is to use a moisturiser that has both moisturising qualities and sun protection. Trust me when you get to that dreaded high school reunion everyone will be wondering who brought their son to the weirdest party you may ever go to.

Smell – Good Obviously

When you’re dropped into the professional world that rarely gives you a second chance a good first impression to make is to always smell fresh AF. No one wants to interview someone in their office is they’re funking up the small space. You need to make sure you keep that body odour under control. I’d recommend a natural deodorant or antiperspirant because some of the aluminium canned ones tend to have a lot of irritant chemicals and the more you itch those pits the more the smell is set free. Sweat is forgiving because we all do it, but stinky? Unforgivable.

Why Not Find The Right Smell

Finding the right cologne that works for you can either take a day or take a month but be patient because once you find it the smell can be euphoric. Best way to go is start at a perfumery like Le Labo or Byredo because they have fragrances that actually react to your skin in order to enhance the smell but the prices are pretty steep. If you can afford it great but if you find the one that works for you, find out the properties of the cologne and that way you can go somewhere cheaper, request a cologne with similar ingredients and voila, that’s your new signature scent.

Don’t Jesus Your Beard

Lucky for you having facial in the workplace is happily accepted. Beards aren’t evil. Moustaches aren’t the worst. Neckbeards though, not acceptable. Neck beards make you seem lazy. That being said if you have facial hair keep it neat and trim. Invest in a decent pair of clippers or a razor that will see you from hipster to Jamie Dornan who is beard goals. Good tip to keep that fuzz neat is to comb the beast backwards and trimming the strays that you’ve spotted, easy.

Or Be Good At Shaving It All

For those who like a fresh face then you need to do it like drinking, responsibly. It’s important to take a little extra time to prepare your mug before you shave because razor burn hurts and cutting your skin can be painful beyond belief. Not to mention it also makes you look like a 15 year old who just started shaving. Make sure your blade is clean and isn’t too used because we’ve all done it in a rush but we’ve come out looking like a dart board and it just is not attractive.


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