Step in sandals for summer

It might be one of the best and simple pleasures of summer to set your feet free from the suffocation that is thick wooly socks and breathless leather loafers and slip into a pair of wonderfully airy and cushioned sandals. For the days that mercury’s retrograde is really pushing the sun onto our skin the luxury of sandals comes with great force but also concern. Like myself not many men get their feet out because well it’s just not something that we tend to do. Maybe it’s because we have gross feet because we take a lot less care of them. Lucky for us it’s a good thing that this is the year that sandals are really making a comeback and they’re cool and even a little bit eccentric which is the perfect distraction from the trotters. Here are three of the most popular styles that you can decide work best for you.


The Humble Slide:

Here we have the ever so simple and very humble slide sandal. Who thought that something basketball players wore in the locker room would become such a fashionable staple considering it didn’t get the best reception when it was first introduced back in 2012 by Christopher Kane. Skip ahead a few years and the slide is getting the designer makeover like no other. Probably the easiest sandal to wear because it can be worn at absolutely any age and there is a plethora of options to choose from. Either chuck them on if you’re heading to the infinity pool or maybe with a polo shirt and some cool tailored trousers.


The Gladiator:

Functionality meets form meets style and this is all put into one chunky gladiator sandal. A good combination for those who are scared to wear a sandal because they combine the easy and breeze of the sandal, obviously, with the sturdiness and vigour of a real shoe. Probably the most perfect for the transition from the sandy beach to having a gentle stroll through the town. Especially if wearing loafers for that day sends you into a absolute cringe which can only be solved by ordering a pitcher of Aperol Spritz.


The Dad Sandal:

Last but by no means the least the great dad sandal. These are the sandals your dad used to wear when driving to the beach, at the supermarket and when he’d garden. Little did we all know that they would make such a triumphant comeback. The wonderful normcore design that once only attracted old fogeys and “tech enthusiasts” is now being desired thanks to everyone else thanks to brands like Prada. Prada I can’t decide whether to hate you or love you? All I’m saying is don’t be afraid to go full Florida tourist dad with a camp collar shirt and a great pair of khakis. Honestly who thought we’d ever be saying to wear all those once horrendous things together.


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