Hey mate, welcome to our stream of consciousness that is: Boys Boys Boys! We are an independently run website for well boys. You see it’s a bit tongue in cheek. As a ‘boy’ who works in the very prevalent world of fashion.

I realised firstly that there isn’t really anywhere guys like us can go without feeling that little bit embarrassed for liking fashion and being judged for wanting to keep suave, no. Secondly as a young man in fashion feeling patronised is a pretty familiar feeling and being called a boy all the time gave me this idea. But don’t get me wrong being fawned over by a room full of beautiful women isn’t that bad.

However I thought just being a boy isn’t enough, as ‘boys’ we’re multifaceted, we have different sides to us. Yes we are well dressed but we’re also funny not only that we look great on film and thus Boys Boys Boys was born. Each ‘Boys’ represents each category.

So please enjoy this manifesto. Boys 4EVA.